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IT and data sector

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Communication Manager
Economical or Societal Sector
Economic sector
TransUnion empower people, business and economies around the world through the commitment to integrating sustainability into the business and culture. By measuring, managing and disclosing the global impact of these efforts, the company creates work that benefits society and produces healthy systems that empower long-term growth.
Regarding the challenge of integrating 17SDGs in range of the activities, transparent, data-driven approach of the company is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) frameworks. As an organization, TransUnion is committed to increasing opportunities for people around the world, especially in communities traditionally underserved by the financial system. One way this is done by offering free credit reports to all consumers in the United States — more than 166 million people have used these resources to date. The organization also supports its communities through charitable giving and volunteering. The teams organize group volunteer efforts and many associates commit their personal time to a variety of endeavors.
The organization has its subdivisions all around the world. Therefore, the organization of work processes requires systems thinking, including reducing environmental impacts, energy use and real estate efficiency. The important part in IT and data sector is data centers. At TransUnion, responsible stewardship of our data centers and office spaces allow to accelerate company’s goals regarding reduced environmental impacts and energy use. Data centers have already been consolidated to reduce energy use, and the next phase of data management plans includes migrating significant amounts of data to cloud providers. Moving to the cloud will help better innovate and reduce impact on the environment. Another point is real estate efficiency. The organization policy is that productivity and achievement are not contingent on having associates work in an office environment. Thus, office footprint was reduced by closing some facilities and transitioning affected teams and operations to nearby offices or virtual locations.
The organization is focused on education, equality, diversity, mental health and supporting non governmental communities by involving in such projects as Women Go Tech, Kit Club (Kaunas IT community), supporting Jaunimo Linija (Emotional support hotline for young people), cooperating with educational institutions, running internal activities as TUTA (test academy), mentorship, shadowing. Employees from various departments (IT development, Business Intelligence, Communications, Customers support) participate in these projects and share their perspective and experience.
The organization puts high emphasis on the motivation of the people, that is how they want to be involved. The standards for new hires are very high, usually the human resource managers are looking for motivated talents who want to create and innovate, challenge a status quo. These features are highly important in solving complex tasks and problems. TransUnion is an organization which can give you a lot, but you shall use this opportunity. So many activities are run at TransUnion. If you want to learn, you are free to do so as organization will support you greatly, if you want to be involved in CSR activities, you are free to do so, either initiate yourself or join with existing initiatives. Due to high standards for the new hires, usually motivated fresh graduates join the company and therefore they are prepared to deal with complex issues.