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Novel Interdisciplinary Systems-Based Approach to Teaching Sustainability in Plastics

Natural Scienc
Thematic Area
Applied Chemistry, Green and sustainable Chemistry
Description of the Course Material
This paper describes an interdisciplinary, sustainability related, course entitled “Perspectives on Plastic”, providing information about tailoring its content and organization according to the diverse experiences, interests, and majors of the students. The proposed curricular structure comprises two key components: a systems-based approach and a unique, spiral-like scaffolding of the material. Combined, these curricular aspects foster a deeper, more fulfilling understanding of a scientific topic by creating a network of interconnected themes and ideas. Specifically, the described curricular approach uses aspects of a systems-based program, but additionally subdivides traditional concepts into smaller sub-concepts that build on one another in complexity from unit to unit. Thus, the interconnectivity of all the major concepts is maintained, consistently leveling up in difficulty while keeping the focus on the real world.