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Systems-thinking: A Little Film About a Big Idea

Humanities/Social Sciences

Thematic Area
Systems thinking-Theoretical framework and assessment

This video provides the theoretical framework of system thinking and its application on everyday life in a simple and entertaining way.
The video explains that system thinking is behind all our seemingly simple everyday life decisions such as the choice of clothes, the path we will follow, the coffee we will drink, etc. It explains how information and senses are used together and how individual parts are organized into systems. It also presents with examples the four patterns of system thinking that are used to build the mental models:
• Making distinctions between and among things
• Organizing things into parts and systems
• Identifying relationships
• Taking different perspectives
The video also connects systems thinking with social behaviors, arts, sports, science, friendships, families, etc.
It ends by providing a view of optimism for future ideas that can change the world ... simply by urging us to pay attention to how our brain already thinks.

Points of Strength
The video provides in a very simple way the basic idea of systems thinking. It can be used as an introductory material to systems thinking theory since it doesn’t require prior knowledge in order to understand it.