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Derek Cabrera Presentation

Natural Scienc, Humanities/Social Sciences

Thematic Area
Systems thinking-Theoretical framework and assessment

This video is a short presentation of systems thinking by Dr. Derek Cabrera, of Cornell University, who is an internationally known systems scientist.
At first, there is a brief synopsis of the history and development of systems thinking. The development is split into four time periods with different optics, four historical waves that signal the evolution in this field.
The fourth wave emerged at Cornell University and marks a new era of systems thinking. Derek Cabrera developed the DSRP theory and method which includes the following four patterns:
• Making Distinctions – which consist of an identity and another
• Organizing Systems – which consist of part and whole
• Recognizing Relationships – which consist of action and reaction
• Taking Perspectives – which consist of point and view
In the video, the implication of this method on systems thinking theory, science, complex-problem solving and public understanding, particularly in education, are discussed.

Points of Strength
The contribution of Dr. Derek Cabrera to the evolution of systems thinking is undeniable. This presentation is very helpful and can be used as an introductory lecture in systems thinking theory. Moreover, the epilogue of his speech connects the necessary society transforming change with the understanding of systems thinking through education which has to reform so that students can be builders of knowledge and not just consumers of information.