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Health & wellness

Position in the company
Product owner
Economical or Societal Sector
Economical sector
Person that values quality over quantity and speed, is keen on grasping the context of the business problems as well as solutions. Another important trait is collaboration - either with the peers that are building different parts of the solution or technical leads that can support in case of any issues that arise. Additionally, regular knowledge sharing can increase the quality of the project and ensure sustainable development as well as increase teamwork. Lastly, the company seeks to achieve diversity among the team members in order to be mindful of different aspects of the projects.
As the 17 SDGs are rather broad, sometimes there is a challenge in breaking them down into sizable actionable chunks. Another challenge is to measure progress. Nonetheless it is a good tool to keep the direction, so they are reviewed from time to time.
When a new project is designed, different departments are included in all of the milestones - from content creators that need to understand the big picture and provide good content, to designers that have to understand the end user as well as developers that need to see the business challenges as well as the value proposition. One of the examples could be creating a new mobile application - all of the parties are participating in the briefings about the context and as the development starts, they are kept close so they would be aligned throughout the whole cycle. Another example could be creating a purchasing feature of the physical product in a mobile application - it has to incorporate payments and integration to payment providers, it has to be integrated with shipping systems as well as maintain the highest security standards. A crucial part of this is performing end to end tests so that all the process is flawless.
As a rapidly growing organization with multiple teams, Kilo.Health has to allocate resources to ensure that all teams are keeping the same standards, time is not wasted developing the same components or solutions. If a team discovers some improvements it takes time to share the knowledge among teams. Another challenge is ownership of shared components or solutions - it needs strong leadership and ownership from a team.
As the projects are getting more and more complex, solutions are being further developed, teams cannot afford to disregard working without thinking of complex systems in mind. This knowledge would reduce number of bugs and save time in a whole life of the project.
What excites most is the fresh university graduates’ passion for new challenges and open mindedness. In the interviewee’s experience, these employees can bring great value to the project due to their motivation and easily compensate for lack of experience.