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Video Lesson

This page presents a collection of video lessons. Each lesson has been analyzed and described pointing out the strenghts and providing the user with a direct link to the video. The database covers the following thematic areas.

  • Natural sciences
  • Social sciences / Humanities
  • Technologies

Systems thinking for sustainability challenges

This video introduces the concept of system thinking applied to sustainable development.
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Sustainable Development & Systems Thinking

This video lesson provides the viewer with an understanding of systems thinking in the context of sustainable development. Scenarios are devised and discussed with the aim of providing the learner with a real world example of systems thinking in prac ...
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Systems Thinking Research Examples

This video explores systems thinking research papers and explores the application of systems thinking in energy systems, community development and sustainable development
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Using systems thinking to teach topics in applied chemistry

This video of ca. 13 min was developed specifically for the COSY Project by the Greek partner (Ionian University).
The video makes a short and concise presentation of five specific educational resources which make use of systems thinking in order to ...
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Educational approaches for the integration of systems thinking and Green Chemistry

This video of ca. 9 min was developed specifically for the COSY Project by the Greek partner (Ionian University).
The video makes a short and concise presentation of the educational approaches and relevant resource types that may be employed for gui ...
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Fuzzy Logic in COmplex SYstems

The video contains a short description of main parts of the experts' system and its advantages. As fuzzy logic is widely applied in experts' systems, the basic principles of fuzzy logic are presented. They enable to convert textual rules into numeric ...
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COmplex SYstems in Informatics

The video contains a storyline of a student who plans her visit to the open lecture in the museum in the capital city. This storyline is used to demonstrate how several systems of everyday use are related in the complex environmen. It is explained on ...
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A Systems thinking Approach to Community-Based Urban Agriculture |Kalen Pilkington| TEDxMacEwanU

The TEDx produced video lesson covers the application of systems thinking to community-based urban agriculture. Pilkington begins the lesson by explaining the nature of a system and offers valuable examples. She draws from her learning experience in ...
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7. A Systems Approach to Ending Homelessness

This video has been produced by Bridgeway Partners and deals with local efforts (Calhoun County, Michigan U.S) to eradicate homelessness. A homeless coalition had been running for 10 years without much success. Their efforts failed as a result of dis ...
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Principles of Complexity - Overview

Short but effective introductory video made by colleagues from the Santa Fe Institute.
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What is a Complex System?

This is a video lesson introducing the basic concepts of complexity theory and complex systems. It is a good dissemination tool.
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Complexity Theory: Key Concepts

This is a video lesson introducing the basic concepts of complexity theory. It is a good dissemination tool.
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Systems Theory of Organizations

This is a particularly interesting video lesson on systems theory applied to the study of organisations.
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Systems Theory Overview

This is a short but very effective video introducing the basic concepts of system theory.
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The Power of Networks

It is a well-designed and produced video that succeeds in illustrating and explaining the importance of a systemic vision and one of the best methods (maps), also at a didactic level, to represent the radical interdependence and interconnection of ph ...
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Earth Systems Science

This is a 5 minute long video lecture dealing with the description of the Earth as a Complex System in which it is possible to identify the presence of cycles and ecosystems that are interconnected in a network. The heart is described as a system in ...
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Donella (Dana) Meadows - Lecture: Sustainable Systems

This is a video from 1999 where Donella Meadows present her understanding of systems for sustainability. The lecture explains well systems thinking and how it relates to sustainability. It also talks about the possible ways of changing non-sustainabl ...
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Socio-Ecological Systems, by Systems Innovation

This is a thorough go through of the concepts most used in the discourse on socio-ecological systems.
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Ellinor Ostrom on resilient socio-ecological system

This is a 1hour + lecture by Ellinor Ostrom, on of the big thinkers on socio-ecological systems. There are various examples as well as explanations on the complexity of socio-ecological systems.
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Feedbacks in social-ecological systems

This video is a Whiteboard seminar with Brian Walker, produced by the Stockholm Resilience center. It explains the logic of feedback in socio-ecological systems.
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Systems from Limits to growth and beyond

This video describes how systems thinking related to sustainability and coupled systems has developed. Te starting point is System dynamic analysis, used as a framework in the book "Limits to growth" from 1972. This book took a rather harsh view on t ...
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Innovation systems - what is it

The video describes how the concept of innovation system can be used as a focal device in the analysis of what facilitates the generation, distribution and uptake of innovation
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Unexpected Complexity: a systemic approach to urban landscape design

This video presents a different approach to urban landscape design that considers complex system thinking.

It is based on the publications:
- Menconi, M.E., Sipone, A., and Grohmann, D. (2021) Complex systems thinking approach to urban greenery ...
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Taming Complexity: From Network Science to Controlling Networks

The lecture presents a method on identifying the controlling nodes in the complex systems presented as networks. The lecturer mentions that although the engineers work with the direct problem and design a complex system, scientists in other disciplin ...
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Complexity Science for facing Global Challenges

This video shows that it is urgent to form polymaths to face global challenges. Their education should hinge on Complexity Science. The main contents of Complexity Science are briefly presented.
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The Cynefin Framework

The video contains a monologue from Dave Snowden, founder, and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge, an international research network, who gives a brief but comprehensive description of the Cynefin Framework he created in 1999.
The Cynefin f ...
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Is chemical recycling of plastics the future?

This video of 53 minutes was developed by the Royal Society of Chemistry Science Policy Unit and it explores current issues around plastic reuse and disposal.
The most interesting parts that we suggest to be used as teaching material are Sam Hill’ ...
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Should we design biodegradable plastics?

This video of 47 minutes was developed by the Royal Society of Chemistry Science Policy Unit and explores current issues around plastic production, use, reuse and disposal.
The most interesting parts that we suggest to be used as teaching material a ...
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Derek Cabrera Presentation

This video is a short presentation of systems thinking by Dr. Derek Cabrera, of Cornell University, who is an internationally known systems scientist.
At first, there is a brief synopsis of the history and development of systems thinking. The devel ...
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Systems-thinking: A Little Film About a Big Idea

This video provides the theoretical framework of system thinking and its application on everyday life in a simple and entertaining way.
The video explains that system thinking is behind all our seemingly simple everyday life decisions such as the c ...
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Edgar Morin: Seven Complex Lessons in Education

This video contains a monologue by the Philosopher and Sociologist Edgar Morin, well known for his “complex thought”.
In this video, Morin presents some relevant ideas.
The scientific disciplines introduced in modern universities in the 19th ce ...
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Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics

The machine learning application to fluid problems is presented in this video. The fluid problems usually are high dimensional, non-linear, multiscale, that is they have the characteristic features of complex systems. On the other hand, the mentione ...
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Why Networks Matter in Models of Epidemics: Scott E. Page and Abigail Jacobs

The video describes the role of networks in the spread of epidemics, discussing the second order effects of social interactions, contact tracing, and super-spreaders.
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Evolution of Complexity and Intelligence on Earth

The video provides a quite interesting perspective on the evolution of complexity and intelligence on Earth, discussing some of the main features of complexity theory. In the analysis of this larger topic, the video touches elements of biology, physi ...
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