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Therapeutic innovation based on natural molecular complexes.

Position in the company
Economical or Societal Sector
Human health
Aboca is leader in therapeutic innovation based on natural molecular complexes. It develops and produces innovative, effective and safe products for people’s health and well-being. Aboca company is focused on one fundamental target of the 2030 Agenda: it is the survival of humanity on Earth. All other goals depend on that.
Any activity that is conducted in the company requires holistic thinking. Systemic thinking is valuable to understand the impact of the prevailing artificiality that can be seen in synthetic chemistry and GMOs.
The challenge that any employee at Aboca faces is to understand the future.
A better knowledge of Complex Systems is fundamental to be able to live with the complexity of the living, rather than the application of the current reductionism that contemplates the term bio but not bios.
As in any historical era, even now we are in an obscurantist phase, where even the evidence of new realities is removed from the stakeholders, primarily from the academic world, mainly for the preservation of their power.