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Clean Energy Production

Clean Energy Company
Position in the company
Chief Scientific Officer
Economical or Societal Sector
Energy Production - R&D (Private sector)
Of the 17 goals for sustainable developments (SDGs) according to the UN, the most closely with the activities/priorities of the employer’s company are the following three: Affordable and clean energy, Climate action, Industry-Innovation and infrastructure. However, the interviewee believes that all the other SDGs are important goals and should be part of purpose and goals for any institution. The above three relevant SDGs are critical to company’s success and are part of its core culture and therefore their implementation is pursued with passion. As a clean technology company, these complex processes have to be used for all of product development activities and in all day to day activities.
During staff selection, for tasks related to sustainable development issues, questions and discussions are used in the interview process to understand the candidate’s thoughts and interest in these areas. This helps in deciding whether the individual will fit in with the overall culture and vision of the company associated with these SDGs and can use these types of tools and thinking to carry out the company's activities.
Knowledge related with complex systems could help the employees of a company in the successful completion of a task or in a final product of higher quality. Employees aligned to a common purpose in these areas, in a company, is critical for success. So, it is important for any organization to have their employees related to this knowledge at all levels. It also allows for a productive and happy work environment.
Some examples of tasks, from this professional area, that require systems thinking abilities from the employees include – working with customers, representing values of the company externally, technology development for sustainability, problem solving, manufacturing process development for clean energy and others.
From the interviewee’s experience, fresh university graduates are very aware of the importance for handling complex issues and are willing to learn the necessary skills and abilities. They obviously lack specific knowledge in using different industrial tools but they are very aware and generally show a fast learning curve.