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Design Ecology Politics - Towards the Ecocene

Partners' Institution
Södertörn University
Boehnert, J., 2018. Design, ecology, politics: Towards the ecocene. Bloomsbury Publishing.
Thematic Area
Media technology (computer science and mathematics), Sustainable Development, Systems thinking-Theoretical framework and assessment
A book that outlines perspectives on design and development in the context of politics and ecology. By theorizing design, ecological and socio-political theory concurrently, Boehnert shows how social relations are constructed, reproduced, and obfuscated in ways which often causes environmental and social harms.
Relevance for Complex Systems Knowledge
The book explicitly addresses issues related to systems thinking, sustainable development and complex systems, and it has an interdisciplinary approach, with an overarching aim to situate design work in the complex intertwined systems of ecology and politics.
Point of Strength
It provides an accessible overview of theories relating to sustainable design such as transition design, as well as concepts and theories relating to ecological and systems theory. It also provides some hands on guides on how to work with for example visualization as a tool.