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Interactive Simulations for Science and Math

Natural Sciences, Technologies
Thematic Area
Artificial intelligence (computer science and mathematics), Chemistry/Biology, Energy Systems, Simulations of physical behaviors (computer science, biomedicine, mathematics, mechanics)
Description of the Interactive Tool
A digital laboratory for studies in physics, chemistry, math, earth science and biology. The simulations can be applied in elementary, middle, high school and university education levels. Various interactive simulations, including atomic interaction, curve fitting, Hook's law, analysis of mass and springs, projectile motion, wave dynamics, etc. are provided in this tool.
Points of Strength
The simulations can be accessed online and are interactive, that is, students can change parameters and see the impact. For most of the simulations, students can use their native language as they are translated. Also, after creating account and signing in, teachers can share their experience on how they incorporate simulations in the teaching process.