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Using systems thinking to teach topics in applied chemistry

Natural Scienc, Technologies

Thematic Area
Applied Chemistry

This video of ca. 13 min was developed specifically for the COSY Project by the Greek partner (Ionian University).
The video makes a short and concise presentation of five specific educational resources which make use of systems thinking in order to teach topics that are related with applied chemistry. The topics include the following themes: drug design, wastewater treatment, sustainable light sources, biorefinery design, waste valorization.
The presentation takes into account specific successful examples that have appeared in the most recent research literature.
As depicted in the presentation, the integration of systems thinking within a variety of themes related to applied chemistry, may act as a potent driver for chemistry education towards new directions which will serve the very much needed and urgent goals of sustainable development.

Points of Strength
The point of strength of this video is that it is grounded on firm evidence provided from the relevant research literature and can serve as a good starting point for practical implementation in the science classroom by teachers who are interested in fostering systems thinking ability of their students in order to be able to act as responsible citizens in a constantly changing world.