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Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics

Natural Scienc, Technologies

Thematic Area
Artificial intelligence (computer science and mathematics), Simulations of physical behaviors (computer science, biomedicine, mathematics, mechanics)

The machine learning application to fluid problems is presented in this video. The fluid problems usually are high dimensional, non-linear, multiscale, that is they have the characteristic features of complex systems. On the other hand, the mentioned fluid problems can be formulated as optimization problems and solved using machine learning methods. The conventional image analysis algorithms can be applied to filter noise, identify patterns, etc. Machine learning can also be used to simulate turbulence, control fluid system.

Points of Strength
The vide combines modelling physical behavior, machine learning and concept of big data. It is discussed how artificial intelligence can be applied to analyze and simulate complex systems. The video has attractive and explanatory examples and links to scientific articles for further research.