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Unexpected Complexity: a systemic approach to urban landscape design

Natural Scienc, Humanities/Social Sciences

Thematic Area
Community Development, Environmental studies, Landscape planning and design, Sustainable Development

This video presents a different approach to urban landscape design that considers complex system thinking.

It is based on the publications:
- Menconi, M.E., Sipone, A., and Grohmann, D. (2021) Complex systems thinking approach to urban greenery to provide community-tailored solutions and enhance the provision of cultural ecosystem services. Sustainability 13 (21), 1787.

- Menconi, M.E., Palazzoni, L., and Grohmann, D. (2021) Core themes for an urban green systems thinker: a review of complexity management in provisioning cultural ecosystem services. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, Volume 65,127355.

Points of Strength
The video starts setting the general stage for discussions about sustainable development and cities and advocates for a prominent role for what is called "Urban Nature." The video, even if brief, allows connecting the global challenge of assuring liveability within urban contexts with a different approach to the designed urban landscape, also making clear that we should take into account all the plant and animal species that share cities with humans and also understanding that a city should be considered a living and breathing ecosystem.